IMPACT 2017 Peru Updates and Photos

Check here for the latest updates for our 2017 Impact team’s trip to Peru!

August 18, 2017/strong>

The 2017 IMPACT Reports are now available!

July 30, 2017 9:14am

The team is safely in Ft Lauderdale and through all of the customs immigration and security.

July 28, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s hard to believe but as I write this in my cabin on Thursday night, the ministry portion of our trip is complete – at least that which we have planned – the Lord may choose to provide more opportunity as we travel as he did during our trip to Peru. Friday will provide the opportunity for some beautiful sight-seeing as the mountain views around us are truly magnificent. There will also be the opportunity for some shopping at a local artisan market and a trip to a local restaurant.

These past two days, since my last post, have been truly wonderful. We have had the opportunity to share 3 Bible stories with the children in the Quechuan village: the raising of Jarius’ daughter, the parable of the prodigal son, and the temptation of Jesus in the desert. We have done two wonderful crafts and played many enjoyable games – including a soccer rematch of the Gringos vs. the Peruvians. This time the Gringos came out on top 5-4 riding the goal scoring talents of Hannah and Angelo. Everyone played well and all will remember Julie’s special soccer skills, but you’ll have to ask her about that later.

It was truly hard to say good-bye to these wonderful children and adults that we spent the week with though they will remain in our memory and certainly in our prayer. We ask that you would continue to pray for us as we have quite a bit of traveling to do in the next three days, for Larry & Sandy as they continue to minister in this most needy place, and for the Quechua people, that they will embrace the stories we have told, the Word of God, and Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for your prayer and support – we look forward to our return to Aisquith at around 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Pastor Ceselsky

Attached to this post are 3 pictures:

  1. The team, and Larry & Sandy’s son, Jonathan, all in our disciple gear for the skits.
  2. Our three angels: Coby, Hannah and Beryl
  3. Coby, and a small sample, of his many new friends.

July 25, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

These past two days have been such a pleasure to serve the Lord here in Peru.  At this point we have pretty much all adapted to the altitude of Huarez – a bit over 10,000 feet.  We are all sleeping well and eating tremendously well thanks to hosts: Larry and Sandy Rockwell and their son Jonathan.  Health wise, we are holding up pretty well, but could use continued prayer as a couple of us have had some stomach issues, but nothing which has slowed us down.  Two of us are also struggling with allergies because of the dryness here, and the wind which has been blowing the dust around – but again, nothing which is interfering with our activities.

We have really enjoyed working with the children and adults in the Quechuan village of Huallcor (pronounced Why-Core).  The drive is beautiful, though on the Monday when we made our first trek up (Huallcor is at an altitude of just under 12,000 feet), a few found the drive a bit scary as you drive between the stone wall of the mountain and the edge of the cliff – but everyone is past that now and looks forward to the ride.

On Monday we acted out the account of Jesus’ calming of the storm from Mark 4:35-41.  Gwen prepared crafts for us for the week and we made windsocks (tying into the storm idea) in red and white – the colors of the Peruvian flag.  The children loved making the craft and many of the older ladies of the village wanted to make them too, so we were more than happy to do so.  We also played some games.  We played freeze tag (as Jesus had calmed the storm) and red light – green light as well.  You’ve got to keep your eyes on these kids – they love to see how much they can get away with – but they are so adorable and fun to be around.

On Tuesday we acted out the account of Jesus’ healing of the demon-possessed man from Mark 5:1-20.  Angelo captured everyone’s attention as the “loco”, as did our three pigs.  The children loved the skit – and loved performing it themselves afterwards, as they had the day before.  For this lesson, we made painted popsicle stick puzzles (of a pig) – the idea being that it is only Jesus who can make us whole as he did for the demon possessed man.  The games we planned were hot pig (a take on hot potato) and barnyard upset which they all loved.  After that it was the Peruvians vs. the Gringos in a game of soccer – though we did have a couple of Peruvians help us out.  Sadly we lost 4-2, but we put up a pretty good showing for playing their game on their turf at their altitude.

Please continue to pray for the health and safety of the team – we look forward to serving the Lord the next couple of days and then returning home to all of you.

Thank you,

Pastor Ceselsky

Included in this post are 6 pictures:

  1. John (Jesus), David and Angelo (disciples) in the skit about calming the storm
  2. David, Coby, Angelo and Hannah helping the kids do the windsock craft
  3. Beryl, Hannah, and Julie doing the windsocks with some of the older women
  4. Coby, Beryl and the Rockwell’s son, Jonathan, acting as pigs in the story of the demon-possessed man
  5. Gwen, Maria, and David performing the demon possessed man skit with one of the children – celebrating as he has been healed by Jesus and has shared the good news with them
  6. Angelo on defense in the soccer game.

July 23, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayer as we traveled to Huarez, Peru. Our travels were quite adventurous.
Our first flight, from Washington, D.C. was 30 minutes late leaving which meant that our 1 hour layover
was left with only 30 minutes to get everyone off of the plane and from one terminal to another and
boarded . Upon arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, we were told that our flight was on-time so we rushed
through the airport, only to get to the gate and wait for a flight that ended up being delayed by 2 hours.
We arrived in Lima at 1 a.m. on Saturday morning (2 a.m. to us on U.S. east coast time). We were
blessed with some rest at a local hotel before heading out on Saturday for the 8 hour bus ride from Lima
to Peru. We were treated by our gracious, missionary hosts, Larry & Sandy Rockwell with upgraded
seats on what became a 9 and half hour bus ride as the bus had to pull over on multiple occasions with
mechanical problems. But our God is gracious and we arrived and all slept very well our first night in

Sunday has been occupied with worship with a local congregation and prepping our skit and
craft for our first day of ministry. On Monday, we will be acting out Jesus’ calming of the storm from
Mark 4:35-41 as Larry reads the story to children from the Quechua village we will be traveling to. He
will then challenge the children with the fact the Jesus is the Lord of all Creation, the only one worthy of
our faith and trust. On Tuesday we will present the account of Jesus’ healing of the demon-possessed
man from Mark 5:1-20. Wednesday’s text is Mark 5:21-24, 35-43 – Jesus’ raising of Jarius’ daughter.
Thursday we will present the account of Jesus’ raising of Lazarus. We conclude on Friday with the story
of the prodigal son from Luke 15:11-42. Interestingly enough this was the text for the sermon at the
church we attended today. Each day will feature a skit, a craft related to the text, and some games also
linked to the text.

I am pleased to report that while a couple of us have felt some of effects of living and working at
an altitude exceeding 10,000 feet, we are all doing well. Please pray for our health as we travel a bit
higher for our ministry in the Quechuan village and our level of activity increases.

Included with this post you will find 5 pictures:

  1. Some of the team hanging out in the airport.
  2. The group (minus me) with our tremendous local Lima driver, Berta, who took great care of us
  3. Angelo and Coby with some of the beautiful Huarez scenery in the background.
  4. The team all dressed up for church this morning.
  5. Some of the team members showing off come local-made, authentic crafts purchased for souvenirs.

Again, we both thank you for your prayer and ask you to continue, especially as we begin the ministry
phase of our trip.

Pastor Ceselsky

July 23, 2017

The IMPACT team safely arrived at Huaraz late last night.

July 22, 2017

The IMPACT team has safely arrived in Lima, Peru. As of 1:30am (eastern time) the team had settled into their beds in the hotel. They are taking an 8 hour bus ride into the mountains today!