Festival of the Arts

Arts festival graphicApril 28th, 2012 from 1pm until 8pm and April 29th from 12:30pm until 5pm.  Get the Arts Festival Schedule HERE.

Our 19th Festival of the Arts is a two-day extravaganza designed to provide an opportunity for Christian artists (particularly those of the Reformed faith) in the Baltimore area to display and demonstrate their talents in music, drama, visual arts, and much more.

Areas of participation: Art and Photography – exhibition of original works in all media.  Crafts – displays of handcrafted articles in all areas including weaving, needlepoint, ceramics, leather work, carpentry, quilting.  Drama – groups with short plays, chancel dramas, and musicals.  Music – groups and individuals.

Auditions are required for drama and music unless you have participated in the past.

For more information, please email gro.htiuqsianull@lavitsefstra or call the church office.