A Message from Pastor Bell

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I’m sure by now you have many questions about what the future holds and when things will get back to “normal”.  We are all wondering the same thing!  One thing is certain, “Our God is Sovereign Still” (Hymn No. 72 Amid the Fears That Oppress Our Day).  His plans for us are sure and good, even if we cannot begin to fathom his purpose.  Things may be difficult for several weeks, and the news reports don’t have an end in sight.  We can only listen to the warnings and carefully follow the guidelines to avoid contracting it ourselves.  We are always under his watchful care, but we also need to be wise in our choices and decisions.  To that end, our plans are as follows: 
There will be no services or Bible Studies at the church for the foreseeable future.  Our concerns are first and foremost for your health and safety.  Most of our congregation is in the most susceptible part of our population: older with preexisting conditions.  We do not want you to be exposed or inadvertently expose others to the virus.  We also do not have the ability to thoroughly sanitize the building and its furnishings as recommended after each usage.
We will hopefully be able to live-stream a service in the near future (we are aiming for Sunday, March 29).  It will not be a full service with music (unless you want to hear me sing all the hymns alone and hum a prelude and postlude!).  We’ll let you know when the details and procedures are worked out.
In the meantime, there are several PCA churches streaming their services that you can access.  All you need to do is click on the blue links below at the appropriate time and make sure your computer speakers are on and you should be able to hear and see the worship service.  

First Presbyterian Church (Hattiesburg, MS)

Service timee: 10:45 am and 6 pm

Briarwood Presbyterian Church, PCA (Birmingham, AL)

Service time: 10:45 AM
Westminster Presbyterian Church (Lancaster, PA)
Service time: 11:00 AM

Trinity PCA (Harrisburg, PA, Bob Eickelberg, Pastor)

Service time: 10:15 AM
Finally, let me urge you to pray for one another, call one another, and encourage one another.  I’d also remind you that our church’s expenses continue even if we are not meeting on Sundays.  If you are able, continue to support Aisquith financially by mailing your tithes and offerings to the church.  If you have any personal needs that we can help with, please call Bob or John and let us know.  Let us know how we can pray for you and your family.  You can also email requests to us at gro.htiuqsianull@eciffo.  
Pastor Bell